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Crappy Week…


Crap at work ALL week. Just bad. Bad people, bad decisions. (not really by me, but others who should know better). And then, a couple of my more, how shall I say this, “troubled members” decided to leave and so gave “notice.” Cool! Last du nicht die Tür in den Arsch kneifen!!! I sure wish I had the personnel to just cut them loose right Effing now. I especially liked the constantly complaining old one who said “two weeks” notice but is really giving me one. Or the younger new guy who thought that all the older, more senior guys should “give up days” for HIM, so that he’ll get more hours?!? What an idiot. And, since most of the drivers really did not like the old bitching one (who tells the same stories all the time, but w/ different endings each time “I was in a gunfight with a guy. He had a brick of .22 shells and I had my .357 with 13 clips… I had had it re-rifled…” [IDIOT, I am a gun-nut, you are telling a STORY to me that I know is bullshit — they don’t really MAKE .357’s in SEMI-Automatic form you dumbass… or if they do, they are/were fabulously expensive… back in the day when he was talking about, there was like one (1), the Automag, I think it was — try $1000.+ back in the 70’s-80’s. I did by-the-way, ASK what kind it was… “A Colt” says he. D’oh!]) And we have the young one who never really listens to what you tell him (I’m sorry Marsh, I’m sorry. I love my job. Really?!) This guy also thinks that he, as the low man, should get the senior guy’s work hours and TOLD enough of them that they all hate his ass. Well, okay… buh-BYE! Next time I get the ol’ Ahoooga about someone, I will just not hire them. I should mention, I also gave both of these doofuses a job when NO ONE else would hire them. Thanks guys. As my boss tells me: You can bend over BACKWARDS to help drivers and they will turn around and try and fuck you!

Reenactor Dorks

I hate dishonorable back-stabbing snakes. Especially goobers that can’t be bothered to come to events, but will run their mouth (on a keyboard, but not to the person’s face) about someone really honorable. 80 months and I am done w/ this. It ain’t fun anymore. I have met some good people there over the years, but the back stabbers and the sad, small, strange little angry people just take their toll over time. In this case, going on 22 years. I don’t like liars, bullies, back-stabbing snake-fuckers, “drama-mamas” and other just plain unpleasant people. It’s a hobby dumb asses. 🙁


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