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Taco Bell…


Our Taco Bell is kinda crappy. They NEVER seem to get it… If I say “no rice, extra beans” guess what I want. Same with cheese — I detest nasty-ass American cheese… Yuck!

Anyway, they’ve had several “crews” the best being the black crew… They did a damn good job. The tattooed and pieced white hillbilly crowd does not do that good of a job ­čÖü nor do I appreciate their semi-rude manners. It’s fast food for christsakes.

Does the bean counter management team at yum foods (who owns Taco Bell, KFC’ and Burger King) really think we’re so friggin’ dumb that we won’t notice that they’ve made everything SMALLER?!┬á Taco salads used to be about twice as big. Burritos were 1/3 longer… Bean counting wankers! And they keep getting rid of good stuff. Last year they had authentic tacos… like real messican tacos with soft corn tortillas and cilantro, served with lime slices… Very good but too authentic for here. “Wut, ah wants me my boiled green stuff an ma tacos needs to be hamburger stuffs.”

Anyway, I was irked once again by this store. My wife has actually rated it (the Chambersburg store) the WORST in America on Yelp. Pretty bad. Owners need to woek on customer service — maybe “Secret Boss” or something. Bad employees can RUIN a cuisines quicker than shit.

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