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The BITCH! Oh, the BITCH!


I bet you were thinking this was about something else… it’s about m dog Zoey. She’s a Australian Cattle Dog, or, as many call them, a Red Heeler (or Queensland Heeler). She’s smart, I’ll give her that. She’s a good dog, but… if you’re out side her family group or on her street… watch out! Tonight we were walking and a neighbor girl was walking her dog… Zoey goes nuts!! Nothing new, I made her sit. I took Angus in and figured we’d walk around… they come back around the block and I sit her down (I was holding her as she doesn’t like that)… so, I am kneeling there, holding her and she starts snarling and all. I (foolishly) put my hand around her snout and BAM, she got me. Good too. OWWWWWW. That earned her a bit of a spanking (sorry Jessica) and I picked her up and carried her back to the house, head down (she really doesn’t like that). And bad me, I bit her a couple of times… making sure she couldn’t bite back–a Heeler specialty. I know, the “experten” say you shouldn’t do it. Sometimes I do.

She has this temper around other dogs–it’s a Heeler thing. However, she needs to chill and I gues it will be muzzle time on walks now ­čÖü Kills me too as she gets a lot of joy from it. I need to buy her a basket muzzle… always about money. She’s always pretty lovey. The times she get sme are when I get in the way. I need to NOT try and grab her mouth, just rein her in and take her away. MY BAD! Oh well, I’m sure I’ll remember. But will she?

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