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Hoops that they want you to jump through


Okay, so the wife and I are trying to buy a house–we’ve been living here for 2 years, paying the rent, paying the bills. Are we perfect? No, but they sure make it hard. I make good money and have no debt, other than a dumb student loan I have. Small too. However, it seems they’d rather I were like everyone else my age–$40 THOUSAND DOLLARS deep in credit card debt. No wonder our country is doomed… And look at the scam that is mortgage remod… Holy sheepshit Margaret, what a rip-off–just a way to generate fees from the desperate >:-0

Anyway, I am just now, not comfortable in my own home, not fun. My animals are my children… Oh, did I mention I have the most unpleasant neighbors I’ve had in my life…

I worry about where my industry is headed… The PO is WAY far in debt and is cutting stuff into the bone…Not good. Hey, let’s break faith w/ our employees and vendors, some advocate… No honor, no loyalty… When some company comes along w these two things, methinks they will be snowed under w/apps!

And when I look at our nation, I really worry–everyone feels “entitled and “special” — what Pferdescheiße! If we don’t get after it, if we don’t knuckle down, we are doomed.

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