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Scumbags and What We should Do with Them…


I’ll rant about the scumbags and such. I used this in a post on Facebook and then decided it was so apropos to our modern life that I would write more on it… I then decided to post it here, on my blog.

Scumbags You ever get where you just hate people, especially incompetent, lazy, dumb ass people… There are the mean ones, the rude ones, the inconsiderate ones… ever watch the reality jail shows? Kent and I were watching one and we both commented “WHY are we paying for these people? Just put them down!” They’ve killed, robbed, etc. Many are so f-ed up and violent and asocial that they will NEVER be let out. I am sorry, but if you kill someone in COLD BLOOD, you do not deserve to live and WHY should I have to pay for you to live on? And I don’t mean someone that comes in and finds his wife in the sack w/ someone and shoots one or both. I do not mean where someone heinously screws another over and in a fit of blind rage the dumbass gets shot. I mean where someone plans to kill or callously kill someone for the thrill or insane serial killers, etc. In C-O-L-D  B-L-O-O-D… just put them down. “No, you cannot “find Jesus” and be absolved of your sins. Well, maybe in the next life, not in this one.

People You Know

You know, we should just take some people and sterilize them right off the bat–we already know how they’ll turn out. Others, well we wait, and they’ll prove they shouldn’t reproduce. And face it, there are people we all knew in high school (and earlier) who we KNEW were totally f-ed up and should have been sent in to the “dentist” for “essential dental work” wherein they would “have to be sedated” and then, well, if it were Kaiser Marshall I, they would just not wake up… no fuss, no muss, no crying appeals from their mother on TV. No last meals, no nothing… They just don’t wake up. Buh-BYE! Yeah, we all know some like this… people who should just not be allowed to live.

It Won’t

It won’t happen though because we, as a Nation, have lost our momentum and our drive and everything that made us unique. We’ve lost our way. We’ve lost our morals. We’ve even lost our Nation (well, it’s close now). And now, we all buy all our stuff from China WalMart… “Made in the USA” is just a slogan that some mouth… very few actually follow that. My friends Kriss and Donna do in their business and in life… few others I know do.


My brother rants about tariffs… how come we can’t have them? How come Mr. President? How come Congress? How come? How come we can’t start making shit here again? How come? Why can’t we punish companies that outsource to the third world? “Oh no… we’re a global economy.” they tell us. Oh BULLSHIT! Sayeth I. Can I have an “Amen!” ?? More than one or two? Will YOU look at a lbel or three to see where stuff is made? Will you?

I’m gonna stop now. My wife is bitching that I need to go buy her some ice (don’t ask) and so, I need to get all bundled back up to go out and drive to Rutter’s. The ice is probably made in China too. Waugh!


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