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T/A truck stops and WHY I hate them…


As a driver, over the years I have had to go to many truck stops… I remember the first T/A I went to, the one in Jessup, MD… It was a smelly shithole then, w/ rude employees and guess what? 25 years later it still is. It reeks of cigarettes and stinky, unwashed truck drivers to this day.

Today (this evening actually), I am stuck getting a tire fixed at the T/A in Breezewood, PA… When I went in there was a long line of mutanty and disgruntled drivers waiting to get crap fixed… One guy at the counter (of course) and a bunch of freaky-looking drivers wandering around the “trucker’s store.” And after I finally get to the window and get a shop door assignment, then I have to change doors and then go get more info… Then I’m sitting here and OF COURSE, they can’t repair the tire (6 out of 8 times at T/A when getting tires repaired)…

So, we sit… Ringing phones, dazed looking drivers. But now it’s done… Damned happy I don’t live on the road… Joy is filling me at the idea of leaving the truck stop. 🙂

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