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Thanksgiving turkey feast


So, our holiday is always the day after. Comes from the Post Office making runs be off the day AFTER. Neato, huh?!

Startin’ off not so hot

Anyway… On the way to Germantown, Maryland where my Mother-in-Law lives, BAM! The pinion (bearing, we hope) goes out of my pick up’s rear end. Luckily, I could drive slowly down the shoulder to the exit. Got to a Sheetz where we called my friend Terry, who was able to bring my white Ford and pick up ol’ Blue in his tow truck. THANKS TERRY!!

So, anyway, once we got going, we arrived only about 3½ hours late, however, it was TOTALLY worth it! My M-in-Law Holly had been cooking up a storm all day. She made the BEST turkey I have EVER had. Wow!! Moist, tasty (she injected it)…without a DOUBT, again, the BEST turkey I have ever had. She also had laid on some great spiral-cut ham (which I am a great fan of) This was accompanied by an awesome string bean casserole along with great potatoes au gratin. Yams… Butternut squash with bacon (awesome). Not to forget an awesome stuffing and roast beef. Hors d’oeuvres too… And both pumpkin and pecan pie! As Kim would say “Woot Woot!”

What a feast! A day which had turned crappy became one of awesomeness. Lastly, my M-in-Law handed me a Borders card to go get a book!Was a good day and I had a good time. And a DAMNED good turkey–something that is usually not my favourite.


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