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What America REALLY needs!


I have thought this for a long while—a politician we can trust. One who has honor, is honest and you KNOW will do the right thing. Certainly, I trust him more than the current idiot. And no, I don’t mean the ACTOR who PLAYED Jed Bartlet, Martin Sheen, he’s a neo-Bolshevik leftist. Isn’t it sad that the best I can think of isn’t real 🙁


We have really no one I can get behind for President. NONE of the left! On the right, who? I don’t know. Gingrich would be intriguing. Huckabee? Maybe… I just don’t know. Not Glen Beck. Not because he’s too right wing, I just don’t see him as “presidential. Rush? Nope,  not electable and he knows it. Who? Sarah Palin… I like her, but I dunno, I think she has too much baggage. McCain? Fuck no! Who? NO BUSHES! Sorry Jeb, two’s enough for me. That idiot Bloomberg, oh HELL NO! Bloomberg is an anti-gun liberal piece of crap! I’d vote for Barry O. before I’d vote for him to be president of this nation. Oh well, we got time. First thing first is to boot Dingy Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi the “queen of transparency.”


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