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On a good note


So, I had an old Kamerad from my time in the Amerikanische Kriegsmarine contact me through FB today ­čÖé Kewl, been looking for him for 20+ years! Ain’t the Internet grand!

Anyway, it was a good chat and I hope they’ll be more–Hell he is into sailing!! I remember him and I taking a Sunfish out in Key West (The Navy rented them for like $2. an hour) and I remember us sailing around and damn near dumping our asses in the water (but we didn’t). Ahhh, my youth.


Time to go to sleep… I’m fried and I have a nasty feeling I am going to have to run this run tomorrow night… I am about to just stop caring about drivers… as my boss told me “You can bend over backwards for them and they will turn around and try to fuck you!” and it’s SO true. I’ve met some good people, but also some shitbags. My, my old Navy attitude might be returning… Oh, the horror of it! FTN!


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