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WTF, really!?! :-o


So, once again, the frigging dogs got into a huge fight. I am about tired of this shit! I was upstairs, but my guess is that Zoey tried to snake Angus’ food… She, like all women, tries to take his stuff all the time. He, like most guys, puts her in her place. However, as of late, their fights are worse…, and bloody. She got him on leg and back of neck (I think) he left two nice big punctures on her face. As we were walking out door, I checked them quick and put her in crate. All this was not helped earlier by some punk-ass billy bob shooting over by the tracks. >:-(

Anyway, this has pissed me off in a major way. Solutions? Jessica says an exerpen… Don’t have $100. right now. Zoey can be in crate for a bit — that’s safe.

Oh yeah, to add to my irritation, some jack hole has left their dog in the car — a jack russell who is yiping. People need to be caned. And watching the hillbillies… Yes, I’m at “mutant Walmart” the one in chambersburg. Can we say “untermensch”? A pure reason for Eugenics! We could sterilize some of these at BIRTH knowing how their parents are. Yes, I know, I’m an asshole.

Somewhere, I have a college paper I wrote on eugenics… Will have to scan it and post; you’d hardly know I wrote it… LOL! Well, ’til the end and THAT sounds like me.

Had a neat thought: want to write a bio on Obama as if from 2000 years from now. The things they say about the Roman emperors (a lot prob true, but not all I am sure are prob way distorted… WAS Nero, for example, really THAT heinous? I bet not, the victors write the histories; we know that Nero did NOT “fiddle” while Rome burned, but instead rushed back to direct rescue efforts, personally helping on this w/out his guards. He even used a lot of his own money to help the survivors and displaced.. Not what popular history shows of him. Anyway, I digress… Think of it:

President Obama, while disliked by many of the normal citizens and business class was quite popular with the former slave class.

For someone that far detached, it would seem plausible. In 2000 years, the time will seem to run together. If you think of it, Julius Caesar died almost 100 years before Nero and the “Year of Four Emperors.” To us, it seems quite close together. Like crap from the Victorian Age having any relevance or effect on us now. Oh well, amusing to think on.

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