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A cough it is


A dry cough and at each cough, my head feels like it shall explode. Damn it, I don’t wanna be sick–hell, I even got a flu shot. Anyway, soon, I am for bed. I have to feed me doggies… I’m late w/ that. Drank a bynch of vicks 44… it was only a minor help, and now I am loopier than normal.

Watched a movie w/ the wifial unit… Bride Wars or something like that; usually I like that kind of shit, but it had a high suck factor. Oh well, off to feed the beasties and then to collapse in my chambers for the night. Damn it’s cold. And ya know what, I musta picked up a ton of dog shit from the yard–means the dogs are like me, full of shit.

Outta here.

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