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The New Year


Am I alone in being tired of how the “civilized” governments pussyfoot around terrorist scumbags? I mean look, they are nothing but cowards–in war, you go up against men, not children and women. Okay, now we have women in combat, but still, they’re trained. A terrorist, well he goes after the weak and unprotected–he doesn’t have the cojones to fight real soldiers, but instead, like any bully, targets the weak.

So, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, both groups of cowards. Why don’t the governments mention this more? I mean ram it home so even their families have to see it. And really, when we catch one or kill him and get a body… feed this scumbags body to pigs so he doesn’t get to go to “paradise.” Oh, I’m such a un-enlightened bad person, right?! Now, it has been suggested before and if you look at snopes on this subject, you’ll see those liberal dickweeds have something eelse to say… have ya noticed how snopes has really taken to being a liberal wanker website!? ­čÖü

Pirates in the Gulf
I have an answer here to. In WWI and WWII the British had a great way to deal with German surface raiders; they armed merchant ships (called “Q-Ships”) with nice, big guns and crewed them w/ Royal Navy sailors. When the lightly armed German ship (doesn’t take much to knock off merchies) showed up and started shooting, well the Royal Navy dropped the deck house walls and other camouflaged areas of the ship and proceeded to blow the living shit out of the raiders. Guess what happened… yes, my pap-fed, M-TV watchin’ liberale friends, the German Raiders went away. We could EASILY do this in the Gulf and make “Q-Ships” of our own. Fake tankers, freighters, sailing yachts… etc. All crewed with Navy SEALS and Marines. After our Navy and Marines blow the shit out of a few of these shitheads, this kind of thing will stop. Once Habib finds that there is a damn good chance he will get greased, instead of getting a big ransom, well then perhaps this crap will stop. Come on Barry, do something!

Oh well, enough for the night. Not like anyone reads this stuff. Most are too busy watching drivel like American Idol or some other TV crap…

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