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I am tired of politics.


Really. Since they knocked out the one guy I thought stood  a chance of saving this country (Hermann Cain), I am not real thrilled with what we have left. I am not going to vote for Romney. Not only do I think he is a flip-flopper, I just think he’s full of crap. I would rather vote for Barry!? My friend Joe, a born-again Republican, let out a shriek when I said that. Is true.


I have hope Newt might do something, or Santorum. Ron Paul will only be President if 2 things happen:

  1. Mit Romney gets caught in bed with a15 year old and a goat.
  2. Barrack Obama is videoed (with Al Sharpton testifying it so) saying something along the lines of “I DO hate white people and I AM out to take down America for Islam! And I WAS born in Kenya.”

Those two things are the ONLY way we will have Ron Paul as President and ya know what, that’s a good thing. He’s nuts.

Am I the only one, other than my late friend Nick, that thinks Nancy Grace is a hideous, shrill harpy? Just a hateful person who convicts people in the court of public opinion WITHOUT a trial? Am I alone?


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