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Ah, a calmer day


Well, in many ways. Things on the Roman front have calmed down, but the RevWar thing… oh bugger it! I’d sooner just concentrate on people I know. You try to help people and they are never happy. You give them an inch (or in this case, a damned good deal) and they want a foot. Blark!

Our new mod is finished and should be installed in the next day or two–I am majorly excited as this will really help make running the time areas much easier. Right now, it is hard, but after the mod, it will be more automated, allowing units to upload their own link (which we approve, etc.) and their info. Much, much better.

What is reenacting?
Oh, I know what it is, but I mean to others. Most of the world sees us as “kooks” who dress up and like boring stuff. Of course, to most of US, those people are dorks and slaves to modern consumer BS. The latest x-box or cell phone. Oh, the coolest car or clothes. Hundreds for sports tickets and memorabilia. Whatever. And right now, when the world seems about to fly off the rails, really, do they even pay attention?

My Brother Jim
Jim will have a blog soon. Of all the people I can think of who SHOULD blog, Jim is the one. He is VERY astute about politics and he’s more often right, than wrong. Jim called the price of gas crashing last year, well before any others did. Stay tuned and I’ll announce his blog.

Ack! My heels still hurt alot. I DO stretch them, but my job means they are set in one position for HOURS ­čÖü This is very aggravating.

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