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Where do I start? Okay, reenactors will work… first thing, we have this Potsdam musket we are trying to sell. Nice gun, made in India and pretty nice work! Good price, what do we get… some dipshit saying they have a welded barrel and they blow up >:-O Head clam shells open and green nuclear cloud comes out. Dumbshit guy meets the Flammenwerfer!

Roman: In the quest to improve our hobby, we are trying to make things more standardized–see Roman commands are not known… really, it was so long ago, they can only GUESS. Fine. We are trying to make simple “soldier Latin” as would be used and understood by new recruits from say, Outer B-F Egypt… Oh NO….. we have the Latin Scholar ding-dongs all saying it’s WRONG and we need “PROPER” grammar. Oh SHUT UP STUPID! My dog has more common-sense in the tip of his penis than a couple of these guys do in their entire beings. Just absolute planks! I could go on… dolts, idiots, dipshits, etc. Now some of the reenactors are trying and I think we had a breakthrough tonight, but there’s more out there. Way more >:-( Makes me really wish I could still smoke the demon marijuana!

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