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A Couple More Days


Ack, it’s hard. Going over and busting it out, but really, most is done. A few more car loads. Actually, prob about 2 pick up loads. I am off tomorrow, thanks to Terry, and plan to finish it up. Need to clean some carpets, get more “magic erasers” (them things sure ’nuff work!!!) and need about 6-8 small u-haul boxes. I WILL get it. I can taste the freedom. However comma, I have been SO sore, every morning. Ack! Wendy’s sick and I feel for her, however, I feel for my right knee WAY more.

Hell, once I get this crap done, I can mow my lawn without guilt. Start working on the garage to find missing stuff (satellite dish receiver for my bedroom and dvd player). Oh yeah. Walk the dogs. Not have to sweat going back over. And of course, it’s sad and depressing a bit — we planned on buying that place. If only he hadn’t wanted $30k more than it was worth. AND, of course, if we hadn’t had the absolute neighbors form a bad Christmas movie, the ones we (and all the other neighbors) call “The SHITHEADS.” Eff them. I am about free and won’t have to deal w/ ignorant people who think MY yard is a common area (like some Philly ghetto apartment complex). Oh well. My dawgses like it here too. Better stuff to smell and the occasional horse to bark at (They’re space aliens don’t you know?!).

I won’t go into the ignorant hillbilly who works for me that sent the big boss a letter — like he thought he’d get ME in trouble… ALl he did was screw over a guy who had found another job and try to get another one fired. Soon, the letter will be in my hands to post for all to see… There are really only two people who could have written it and this dumbass wrote it by hand… D’OH! I detest back-stabbing snake f*ckers…

Back to my computer drudgery which doesn’t go away.


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