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A New President…


So, today Barrack Obama was sworn in. Amongst all the pomp and ceremony, all the tradition and of course, all the political nastiness. I for one, thought his speech was pretty good. Did I vote for him? No, not in the general election; I’m not a big fan of Biden… However, saying that, I’m an American. Barrack Obama is now MY president and I will follow him and give him my support until he proves that support is unworthy.

I grow tired of those who won’t even give the man a chance. I too worry about his plans for gun ownership. I worry about this big new economic stimulus… WHERE will the money come from? However, I am not President, nor am I a member of the Congress. I will let them do their jobs, but I still keep an aye on what they do in MY Name. I wish my fellow countrymen did this too. I wish they wouldn’t let frigging Oprah or Rush or whomever tell them how to vote, what to vote for and what to believe. Alas… it’s sad–so many people in this country just don’t know and what’s really scary is they don’t care; don’t give a shit, actually >:-O Most don’t even deserve the right to vote, but we have to let ’em. I often wish there was a test they had to pass before getting to vote.

Time to Work
The time for hatred and animosity has passed. It is now time to move forward, to join together and work WITH each other instead of against one another. Think about it… things have become so acrimonious here that we have to HATE, literally HATE the other side… well, I don’t. I have friends on both sides and I respect their opinions (even when I know they’re friggin’ crazy).

Please feel free to comment on this blog. I don’t need to just hear I’m wrong, tell me why.

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