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Wow, I watched “Sicko” while in Columbus (it was free, I wasn’t going to waste $$ on Michael”I-hate-America” Moore). Ya know, IF he hadn’t spent so much time attacking George Bush and the Republicans, I’d have agreed more with him a LOT MORE. Much of what he said was right, but he had to be his typical asshole, left-wing, I-hate-America, self and ruin his message by attacking the right. Hell, the left is just as much, or more, to blame for the current shitty state of our health care system.

And YES dillhole, I DO know that he didn’t present some of it, that Moore’s view is one-sided and biased towards the socialist agenda of the left. I know that there are problems to many of these countries health systems, but ours is friggin’ BROKE! Wish we could just talk about it… not scream at each other, but talk.

Anyway, I think the movie IS worth watching. Although I wouldn’t go out and buy it.


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