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So, it works…


I guess that means I’ll have to put a link to it on the website. Good thing GoLive is open. Where should I go w/ this? I dunno. Some people like to read my blogs, others, well… less so. ‘Tis a free country.

My goal, back in force nowadays is to get r.Net really going. We are working to get it to be a CMS (content management system), so that we can update it and upgrade the site more easily. I know many people get pissed because it takes me so long to update links and stuff. ­čÖü Alas, we have volunteers, but many don’t know how to do web pages, so it’s hard. W/ the new system, it should work like myspace and be easy to use.

What’s new w/ my life?
Well, last week I went back to driving… I have been a manager for a small trucking company for the last 2 years. Sometimes it was good, but lately, not so much. Of course, with this change in jobs, comes less money, but I think it will be manageable… Wendy is worried, but I think we’ll be okay. That and I am renewing and redoubling my efforts to make r.Net financially viable. Of course, saying this, one must realize that I don’t wish to change how r.Net is — a place for reenactors, not corporations or accountants. We’ll see how it goes.
So for now, Ende!

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