A scene from Gettysburg


Okay, I actually uploaded my cam to the comp. Here’s me last Monday at Gettysburg. Maybe more will follow… I haven’t web-fixed any more of them so they’re all monstrously huge.

Anyway, this was taken in front of the “Angle” the place where the South got repelled and the North turned the tide of the war. Actually, it’s kind of somber — well except when there’s a bunch of worthless, out-of-control children screaming around there — their parents not watching or caring AT ALL what their spawn are doing. Kent told me when he was onthe Arizona Memorial there was some family w/ a bunch of their spawn running and screaming there ON THE MEMORIAL… he actually said something to them and they sheepishly suppressed the outrageous behavior of their spawn for a bit.

On Procreation
Ya know, some people should NOT be allowed to procreate. I KNOW if we were to offer them, say $1500. to get “fixed” (we’d explain it differently to them) then many (a lot we hope) would take the deal, thus removing their polluted and foul genes from the pool.

So Cynical I am
My, I sound cynical don’t I?! I just worry about our nation when so many get their history from the “Hitler Channel” as it’s called by reenactors. (It used to be that all Discovery showed was “Hitler and Bugs” so it was thusly called and the name soon transferred to the History Channel). Oh yes, let’s watch the History of Ketchup… ack!

Oh well, I’ll stop. Tired, need sleep. Must deal w/ stupid driving public on the ‘Morrow.

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2 Responses to “A scene from Gettysburg”

  1. Kimmer says:

    I REALLY want to go there someday.
    That is one of the most haunted places anywhere.

    I see more and more of what you describe regarding feral children with parents who aren’t parenting worth a damned.

    I’m all for eugenics when it comes to forced and/or incentivized spaying and neutering of untermenschen.

    I understand some of the annoyance with and put-downs of the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.
    HOWEVER, there is clearly some elitist snobbery behind some of the reenactor contempt for them and their fellows. It’s considered cool to put them down so those hoping to be cool put them down.

  2. Sturmkatze says:

    No, they’re wankers and they “dumb stuff down” for the masses. Alas, every time I watch something on the Hitler Channel that has to do with a topic I KNOW well, there’s glaring holes in it… if there, where else?

    Discovery is better, but not for history stuff — I love Deadliest Catch for one… Dirty Jobs is pretty good too. Myth Busters — good but sometimes annoying and they cheat.