Some good


I was thinking about good stuff today and had to admit that one of the BEST things to come out of me not being a manager anymore (besides the return of my health) is the fact that my old friend Kent and I are friends again. For a while there, it was touch and go. The job was really killing our friendship. 🙁 Now it’s back to the way it was 🙂

I will post some pix from our Gettysburg trip, possibly tomorrow. I have to get them off the camera, size them, etc. Was busy watching Battlestar Galactica tonight — it’s still wacky. Moore and Eick really screwed the pooch I think. Now it’s having to do weird shit to return to plot. Oh well… I ain’t responsible.

Is that Light at End of the Tunnel?
Maybe. Depends on if the 2-3 web jobs I have pan out. No, not at the company here. I offered them a sweet deal which they basically blew off to find something better. Oh well, I am pretty much decided that I will have to withdraw the offer. I know if I take their job, it will mean I will be expected to do web stuff ALL the hours I’m not in the truck — F-that! Besides, they don’t know enough about the Internet and what is needed. No, they need to pay someone the big bucks. Anyway, I have some other customers I’m talking with and I have high hopes of coming to an agreement with them
I’m gonna go to bed. Early for me, I know, but I’m just beat! G’nite fer now 🙂

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One Response to “Some good”

  1. Kimmer says:

    I’m really glad you’re not managing anymore for your current employer.
    You ought to be a manager but not where you currently work. It feels like many things in your life that used to be cool are coming back after leaving you when you moved back to PA to work for your ex-friend.
    You seem to have more time to do the stuff you really love.