Starting to slide


Wow, It’s been a coupla days. Well, I’ve been busy. A friend reworked the Forums and I have been working to add all of r.Net’s content to it. :-0 Yeah, it’s gonna be work.

So tired today. But, it’s Friday for me. Going to Gettysburg tomorrow w/ Kent. Haven’t been in a couple of years — it’ll be fun!! Certainly to get away. Wee is going to her Mom’s for a few days and maybe in that time, I can get a lot of the site work done?! I dunno though — it’s a bit intensive and I can only do so much. Am hoping to get the T/A webmasters up to speed on helping. It needs to be someone who is into that time period, that knows it, vs. ME… I don’t claim to know but a couple of them and am a bit crispified on one of those.

Change is in the wind!
I am really excited though about the changes on r.Net — stuff I’ve wanted to do for years. I really have wanted to make the site into a content management system, but every time I cracked a book on it, my eyes glazed over, little puffs of smoke came out of my ears and the Borders/B&N employees would then come over and tell me to “Wake up and go home.” Programming is just a bit hard for me. I’m more visual.

Well, let’s hope all goes well, that I can get the articles ported over and the site to present them how I want. That’s a big part of the problem… the program isn’t as specific as I’d like and I have to learn how to do “end-arounds” to make it show up as I want.

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One Response to “Starting to slide”

  1. Kimmer says:

    It’s great to see you more passionate about stuff and doing labors of love, not duty-bound trudgery that is unappreciated. I’m getting more of the Old Marsh back which is nice.