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I just want to write.


Right now, I have some hope, maybe a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s not guaranteed. I could be worse off and like everyone else, I have some stuff I HAVE to pay soon. My last job, the guy that owned that company stiffed me out of about $20.K… now, I’m not alone, he did it to a LOT of people. Karma WILL get him. Anyway, moving on, I just am saddened. Why do we work? What are we doing? I certainly do NOT live to work — I work to live and even that, is getting hard.

Maybe I’m just babbling, I don’t know. It’s depressing. I don’t see a bright future. Do you? My hands are getting worse, to the point it’s hard to open doors and stuff w/ my right hand ­čś« Sucky huh? I don’t want to be old dammit. And work. Right now, I am implementing an electronic on board recorder (E-Logs really) for our trucks. In some ways it’s going good, but in others, it’s a struggle to get entrenched people to change, even for the better. I think we are slowly getting things hammered out, but sometimes, it’s just SO frustrating.

Soon, I will be going to Reno for my Dad’s memorial… Haven’t been there in a long time. Miss most of the family.


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