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It’s been one of those days. Basically started with angus dying this morning. Talked a lot to my brother… I believe I WILL get my concealed-carry. Was at Gander Mountain looking at pistoles. Yes, I have some, but not really for this. I think I found one, a Smith & Wesson in .40 cal. Single stack. Fit well. We’ll see.

Stopped by Ft. Chambers Gun shop; Man! Some nice new models and some nice originals too. A truly GREAT place and some great deals. Nice people to deal with.

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Hotspur be her name


I should mention more about her. She’s a 1978 Catalina 22–the most popular and most built sailboat of all time. For me, she’s perfect. No more ass-reaming marina fees. She’s on a trailer, rigged. Great! In great shape other than a few small things that I have been fixing. Keel bolts this weekend. Anyway, this boat brings me joy. Yeah, I have had some people call her a “little dinghy” but so what… it’s what I want. I’m tired of people who think I should do what they want or do things the way THEY want. Every time in my life that I have went against my instinct, I got burned. Nah, I’m happy doing things my way and in the manner I think should be. And no, I am not talking about doing things willy-nilly. I like things done properly. Anyway, if I don’t, my brother Jim will never let me hear the end of it.

Hotspur 10-2015

Hotspur 10-2015

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Added some annuals to my bed out front. I had to make this around the water trunk as the contractor effed up and made it stick too high out of the ground. Anyway, hopefully, they’ll do well this summer. I’ve been building beds w/ rock from the lots around here.I have a big flat one, I need to get it over here for a stepping stone. Might need some help.

Also, removing the bricks I have around the trees and will be doing that with rock. Last will be my Roman herb garden inspired by my friend Mark’s… It’s been a bit hot though. Maybe soon.

Have to go to Richmond tomorrow. Hope that is fruitful–the guy down there is so against the computers. It’s sad really. Don’t wanna dwell on that.

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It just ain’t there


You always see on TV or movies how women support their man. Well, I just don’t see it. Okay, maybe 1 in a 1000 do that. Most times, it just gets nastier and nastier. I am sorry, but control freaks just aren’t cool. Or threats… if you don’t… and the thing is, I see this with most people I know. The silent treatment or the “cut your nose off to spite your face” those are good tricks. And I’m a bastard? Oh sure.

Sadly, that’s about all this blog has become… I don’t really write in it because I am just too angry to write anything decent. And really, the whole world is turned to shit.

You don’t wish to see me write about our corrupt president. Nor about the absolutely stupid people out there. I don’t have this idea that I’m some modern day Mark Twain like a couple people I know. I am just me. Tired of the crap and looking to have a decent life.

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Bye Mom…


My mom passed away on Feb. 14th, 2015. She had COPD and was faced with the soon to happen loss of her other leg and she was tired and in pain. She’s in a better place. It took me some time to write about it.

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I just want to write.


Right now, I have some hope, maybe a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s not guaranteed. I could be worse off and like everyone else, I have some stuff I HAVE to pay soon. My last job, the guy that owned that company stiffed me out of about $20.K… now, I’m not alone, he did it to a LOT of people. Karma WILL get him. Anyway, moving on, I just am saddened. Why do we work? What are we doing? I certainly do NOT live to work — I work to live and even that, is getting hard.

Maybe I’m just babbling, I don’t know. It’s depressing. I don’t see a bright future. Do you? My hands are getting worse, to the point it’s hard to open doors and stuff w/ my right hand ­čś« Sucky huh? I don’t want to be old dammit. And work. Right now, I am implementing an electronic on board recorder (E-Logs really) for our trucks. In some ways it’s going good, but in others, it’s a struggle to get entrenched people to change, even for the better. I think we are slowly getting things hammered out, but sometimes, it’s just SO frustrating.

Soon, I will be going to Reno for my Dad’s memorial… Haven’t been there in a long time. Miss most of the family.


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I feel like dogshit. Just plain dogshit. I woke up with a headache and have felt like shit all day. Fighting w/ work computers and drivers doesn’t help. My eyes feel like they are pressured up and burning. I dunno, just like shit.

Frustrated by lots of things and as usual, money is getting tighter. And really, what’s up w/ that? Most people I know are suffering and we all make more money, but my brother Jimmy Wise says that inflation is like 45%. I don’t know about that, but the Orwellian double-speak coming from our government and bad president just makes me wanna hurl.

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Everyone’s Suffering


As my brother Jim says, everyone is suffering these days. It’s seen in their eyes and by careful reading of what they say. What has caused this? Partly, I think by a lowering of our standards of living… What has caused this? A lot of it is bad government, not taking care of things that have needed doing. I see, right now, that Pennsylvania is trying to raise the gas tax .28 a gallon… Do these fucktards think this will help? Just like with Obammy and gas, when gas goes up, our economy and standard of living goes down.

Other than short upticks, things just seem to be getting shittier. How? Why? Partly, it seems we all realize that someone has squandered the riches of our country. The lead we had, the prosperity. Mainly, I think most of us know our “leaders” have led us down the path to destruction. Bush was barely holding the line when he got stuck with a democrat congress. When they suddenly had control of it all, they just squandered it. (Yes, I think Bush was better than he gets credit for). This idiot we have now, has tripled the National Debt. Tripled. How does that get paid off? It won’t. What will happen? I don’t know…. Makes your brain sizzle. I don’t have a solution, do you?

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That is it, exactly.


I was watching Sherlock Holmes and he said “My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work… …and I am in my proper atmosphere. Then I can dispense with artificial stimulants. For I appall the dull routine of existence. I crave mental exaltation.” I feel this too. I need a project, not just coasting, reading Facebook, the news, watching TV. Waugh, say.

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So, it’s September…


How the summer has frittered away. So, it is very different than the last few years. My stress is down, but there is a true lack of security in life. I dunno – things go on.

A summer cold… Ugh. What else? Oh yeah, our president wants a war in Syria. Oh joy, a war we don’t need. Really don’t need and I know I ain’t alone… Jim says obamas approval rating is down to 9% now… Oh, I know, it’s ALL the fault of George W. Bush… NOT!!!! I need to stop now.

I did just FaceTime w my brother Mike! ­čÖé

Good night y’all!