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Got house!


Yay! We just closed on our new home!! Look left. And… we’re soon to be all gone from the nice looking, but ghetto-people-filled neighborhood we live in. One of my neighbors who moved out, called it the nicest trailer park he’d ever lived in. Not fair, as I’ve lived in trailer parks before and they were nice. Our neighbor’s on the one side just suck! As in ignorant, flies buzzin’ around their face suck. Fine, soon I shall never see their sorry asses again. ’nuff said about them. Oh yeah… “vile” works.

Anyway, now we just gotta move our stuff. :-( Of COURSE, right during hurricane Irene… And being short a driver at work. Still, I have until Sept. 30… I have a company that helped me before — Mr. Moves out of York, PA… Awesome workers, reasonable prices, no bullshit. Gotta pack though and wife’s health is AFU. :-( Just gonna take time — come home from work and friggin’ pack… Did that shit last move and it blew!

Being a homeowner IS cool though and when my brother Jim asked if I had made “carpet angels” I had to admit “yes.” :-p

Of course, Lowes got the fridge handles wrong, but they were cool and ordered new ones and then loaned us some stainless ones until our black handles come in. Oh, and dumbass me on first trip over, I missed a step and landed right on the knee I crunched slipping on truck… D’oh! Dat done be a hurtin’ still now.

Please excuse any typos, I’m writing this on my cell out in front of Wally World… Starting to rain pretty good…  Hey, at least it will water my new grass! Needs it, been dry here — not back-home, Cali dry, but for Pennsyltuckey, it’s been bad. For a bit, they’d throw a cig out the windah of the car and stuff would catch fire. Duh!

Some good news, I have a great new programmer who has gotten the Reenactor Consumer Guide (RCG) going. It had a LOT of bad code that wasn’t allowing it to work. Microsoft ASP really sucks!! Anyway, it’s working at BTW, we have now made it “all-era” vs. just WW1 and the orignal WW2 version. What is this thing? Well, it’s a place for reenactin’ folk to review their experiences, good AND bad with vendors servicing the hobby… Give it a look! It sure helped straighten up some shady dealers in WW2 reenacting (and made a couple of the real bad ones go away!)

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Things are movin’ along!


“What’s dat mean?” you’re askin’… Well, it means things are going well w/the house and perhaps we’ll close on time. I am excited by this; my first home (and at my advanced age). It’s cool, nice lot, nice people in development. I look forward to leaving where we’re at now — and I detest our neighbors… Latest news w/ the Ignorati (or “the SHITHEADS, as we call them): Now that they called the dog warden on ME, these idiots have been been emboldened to call on all the big dogs on the block. Eff it, soon I shall not see them again :-) they’re from philly and live for the drama and to try and impress everyone. Really. Philthadelphia is TRULY one of the scum-centers of the known universe! There are some cool people there, but most are just not. And the neighbor thinks he’s Rocky Balboa or something, sitting out there giving everyone “the glare,” like we’re all supposed to quail in fear… I really try to ignore them completely — I have wasted WAY too much of my life dealing w/ them.

Anyway, we’re pretty excited about the new place. The builders do really nice work and the details… Man! Neato stuff! Just the little stuff that most builders ignore — these guy’s went the mile to do it RIGHT! :-)

Closer to work, nice corner lot… Nice area, view of the mountains on both sides (we’d call the “hills” back home in Cali). One of my Kameraden from work, his lady is GIVING me a hot tub/spa :-) woohoo!! That shall sure help out w/the back after a long day in ye olde truck.

After the move, it will be WWI full speed ahead! My unit’s building a bunker out of an old water tank… When all set, w/ bunks framed, we’re going to line it w/brick fascia to make it look like an old tunnel. November is ALWAYS the best event at WWI… Airplanes, bigger turnout, good event! We’re going to have a gots unit turnout too! Last, I am running for president of the GWA (Great War Association), not because I believe it will be “fun,” but because I have been a member since 1990 and I love it and wish to give back! You can visit the GWA @ . Hope you will!

Right now, I’m sitting outside Kohl’s waiting for the wife, then to Wally World, Giant and home. Pay days are always thus. She doesn’t drive anymore, so I am’s be de chauffer. :-o “Now where’s we go mistus?”

Anyway, NOW we’re at Wally World and Pacha and I are watching the show. Tonight, it’s not the normal show of mutants, but instead, more the ghetto crowd w/ thumpy rap music, actually not even that, as some rap IS good — this aib’t. The crap I was hearing sounded a lot like “oooot-oooot, oooota oooot…” Really. And a speakin’ in de ebonics. Totally stereotypical! :-o just like the mayor of Philthadelphia was going on about last week and Bill Cosby a couple years back. Do it to yourselves. Here’s another thumpy stereo… All buzzy and loud. Is this cool? Sure I’m old, but I have heard some eminem I liked. Everlast has some good stuff. I have heard black rap I thought good (I am NOT calling it “hip-hop — it’s all the same to me.)… However the shit I am hearing here in this parking lot tonight is a joke. Fullfill the stereotypes dumbasses. Anyway, tonite it’s be ghetto night — many other nights, this Wally World will showcase some of the finest examples of red neck, Billy-Bob, hillbilly inbrededness that one will ever see, every bit as amusing as tonight’s fine performance of “Ghetto Folk on Parade.” Hey, and there went the obligatory pickup of young, white girls (w/ gay friend in tow) jammin’ through the lot to more loud rap music — this morse dance-sounding than the angry stuu you usually hear. Wow, I am in prime form tonight! We be won’t discuss our friends, w/ fake green cards.

I need to stop — I am sure some chunderhead will be calling me a racist or some such crap — I am an equal-opportunity maker of fun… All creeds and all colours have ignorant dumbasses rhat we can laugh at. :-p

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Rude people


I hate rude people… Don’t you? The knuckleheads, the arrogant, the know-it-alls… I especially detest the people who decide it’s their way or the highway,  always… Black and white — yes or no. Eff that. I know a few of these types and they truly just hard to be around. What are your thoughts?

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Why things are so Effed up!


A discussion  on a reenactor list I am on came to this bitlet (my comments and thoughts follow): there has become a mode of dress in reenactment “culture” that is considered acceptable that has absolutely zero congruity with average reality.

It’s the same culture where everyone is “entitled” — where you have all these “heroes” wearing high medals and always having to portray an OFFICER. Neeto, huh!? Well, not really. Go on with your bad self Mr. Mitty! Really, it’s the Xbox mentality. Yep. I am not into Xbox. Hell, I was never into Nintendo or whatever — I stopped caring about video games int he 90’s (except for flight and evyil war sims (U-Boats, Panzers, etc. not Call of Duty). They say the year I was born is considered the last year of the baby boomers. Wow! Then, we had Gen X… Oh joy. Now they call the know-it-all, super wonders  Gen “Y”… I call them Gen “L” for LOSER as that is exactly what most of them are — an like most their age, they are all too good to work: “What, I don’t wanna do that, it will suck. That will take all frigging day.” Or “What, you mean I ain’t starting at $80 grand a year?” Our nation is doomed because so many people wanted their children to have it better, that they ruined them for ever having a work ethic, for ever getting ahead through hard work and effort. Now they all believe that they are entitled to it. Eff this. Again, our nation (and most of the modern world) is doomed!

Xbox — Ruining Children Everywhere

Kill your children’s Xboxes — I mean it! You are doing them NO favor in getting them one of these brain-melters AND for that matter even allowing them to have one. Be a parent, not their “friend.” Make them, GASP, read a book. “Oh my, books, books are icky, there’s be’s no pitchers in ‘em. How boring, nothing moves.” In truck driver-ese, I’d say “Shut up stupid!” Don’t agree with me? Fine, go bury your head in the sand you idiot.

Reenacting and Other Hobbies Going in the Shitter

Anyway, that’s why reenacting of ALL time periods is going in the shitter. “What, wear hot, itchy wool? Exert myself? Run?? CRAWL WHERE? Why I am an uhleet hero in my video world…” and Hell, the reenacting world is aging too. Young people don’t want to do this and anyway, it’s too damned expensive for them — like hot rods. Building and running and playing with Hot Rods used to a young man’s sport, now it’s all rich old geezers. When the junky-ass shit that we drove back in high school is now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, something is WRONG. Wrong as two dogs screwing on the White House lawn — on Sunday, in front of the Pope, the First Lady and 16,000 pre-schoolers.

Back to the geezery

Hey Skippy, news flash here: There were no 65-70 year old Waffen-SS privates or Uhleet Army Paratrooopers… in fact, us in our 40’s are WAY too old. >:-o (Marsh is an über a-hole for saying that!!). Sorry guys, there needs to be an end date. It’s sad ad depressing sometimes: Rev War’s average age is like in their 60’s. Silly War, is what, 50’s? WWI and WWII late 40’s…. :-( We need new blood. And we need it so new guys can afford this stuff, as we’ve made all the stuff they could afford (like WE used when we started: Swedish and DDR wool, etc.) go away. So now, some decry the Chinese stuff. So what. Want young guys? Make it so they can afford this. You try buying a K98k on McDonald’s wages.

It ain’t gonna happen. Young guys cannot afford $2000. to get into a hobby.  Like Hot Rods, ours will age and the guys who are big in it will be the ones who started young at the beginning and stayed in. Think about that old geezer who has to use a walker in his new Corvette. Why “He’s cool.” is he? Or is it just sad. I have went to car shows and stuff with my brother Jim, he’s into that stuff and even HE is in his mid-40’s (sorry Jim!). Wait, maybe that new stuff they claim will make us all young again will work. Or will we all be young looking old curmudgeons? I dunno. Food for thought and, as always, I welcome your comments.


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Neighbors… The good, the bad and ugly


We all have them, the good neighbors who you can not only count on, but who you enjoy being around. Of course, every neighborhood has, as a local cop told me, the “bad apples.” He was referring to our other neighbors — a more unpleasant pair of people I have never met!

And it’s like they live for drama… Really! The rest of us just want to live our lives, they seem to just want to fight or argue or play games :-( Eff that. I am too old for other people’s drama.

And on another front, one of my chillens is spooled up about nothing. As always, no one ever listens to what I say… They all think they know so much better than I. However, that’s normal in life AND in reenacting.

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Newville, Pa Frúhling 2011


Well, I’m here. Got here too late to set up tent… So im Wagon schlafen.

Went to GWA Social did some politikery :-p We’ll see. My goals are for better commo, more comraderie and to bring in more younger blood, as our hobby is aging, which is sad, very sad.

The WWI centennial is soon upon us… We HAVE to grow and bring in the young guys to our hobby. WWI is a great time period and it has some great people in it. I wish to make it better.

More later… Ende

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Life moveth on >>==>


Been a bit… Been doing some solid work on r.Net, getting it back to speed. Our most recent update messed up a lot and we have to manually fix it.

“We” means myself and staff. A new member is Kathy whom I have known since she was born. Literally! I rememberws today, the day she was born (I was like 4) and her Dad driving around handing out cigars :-)

Anyway, she’s been helping a LOT, keeping me on track and not distracted… She’s learning about websites the real way, by doing.

Other staff coming back and getting things going. Bookstore will be back this weekend. ACW close now… WW2 in process.

Reenactor Consumer Guides also this week. Going to a winows server, so, of COURSE, have to move, can’t just be upgraded. 3 databases, 4 websites, a LOT of email addys to reset >:-0 Ack! Donations going nowhere — sadly, but enough for server. Need to get more to pay programmer to fix some of our site “mods” that the upgrade wiped or deactivated. So much to do…

WWI is soon upon us and many Rekruten are not ready and some alte Hase not either. April 14th to 17th is my time for fun… Twice a year, dat’s wuts ah gets. Gonna try Roman Days in May too.

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Lorayne Kotrc 1917-2011


Lorayne Kotrc, 5-2005

Just a quick note… we knew it was coming and this morning, my Mom called. I knew it was bad, because my Mom never calls anyone, so if she does… Anyway, March 8, 2011 was the date for my Grandma. I’ll miss her–she was a good person.

My brother Jim asked me if there was something I’d like to write for our Grandmother’s funeral, as I couldn’t come. and he’d read it Yes, I told him…

Lorayne Kotrc was our grandmother. She was a great woman and I don’t remember her ever doing anything mean. Our other grandmother passed away when I was 5 and Jim 2 — Grandma Kotrc WAS “Grandma” to us. I feel privileged to have known her for these years. More than that, I am grateful that she was my grandmother… I learned a lot from her and know that I will miss her. I know that the person who made the best blackberry jam in the world is gone — The best cherry pie. More than that, someone I just really liked is gone.

My grandfather passed away almost thirty years ago — it doesn’t seem like it, but it was that long ago. A long time to be alone, but my grandma did it. I think she carved out  a new life after he was gone, doing different things and in her own way. 93 years old… I can’t even imagine it, but she did it. She had a long life and I feel it was a good one — I only hope mine can be half as good.

Anyway, I hope she is somewhere happy, perhaps my grandfather’s been working out and now has a body like Fabio, from the covers of her romance novels. Someday I hope to see them both again. Until then, Vaya con Dios Grandma.

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I hurt!


Okay, so I took vacation the last couple of weeks. Mainly to do my wife’s Spring cleaning and clean out the garage. Our garage has been FULL since we moved in. Actually, it used to be WAY worse. Over the last two years, I have went through and cleaned out boxes on a smaller scale, but this time, we pulled out most of the garage and went through all the “wardrobe” boxes that the movers just threw shit into. A LOT of that was ruined by the basement in the house we used to rented Ft. Loudon. We had it down there, because… well, it was a tiny house. This place is much bigger, but prob still not as big as what we had in Cali, and that was a trailer. A big trailer mind you, but anyway… I digreß (BTW, this character: “ß” called an “essett” means the “ss” sound. It’s a German thing, I like it, I always have–I’m gonna just use it here; Deal w/ it!).

So anyway, we melted down about 18 wardrobe boxes (by that I mean we cleaned them out, kept some things, dx-ed a LOT of stuff (the tightwad in my screams at all my money wasted there <grits teeth> )). Lots of stuff out, found the shelves for my book shelfs… nice huh. Needed those for the last 5+ years. I found my chain mail, some other stuff. Some lost Roman things and my 4-Zelt tent of original WWII Zelts. So, all is good there, but I am beat! I am way too old for this kinda crap. My neighbor, who is 25 helped. Wow! W/out him, I’d have died. Anyway, my right elbow and arm ACHE. Neck has a crick in it and I am beat.

We DID find out about the cardboard recycling place around the corner. Cool. Open 24/7 and free. Takes office paper too, so that when I write things (reenacting stuff) and whole forests quail, I can get rid of the proof copies. Kewl. Anyway, I thought I’d write about this. It’s been a long proceß and I think we’ve turned the corner on it. I just am whining because I feel old and beat. Oh, and I wasted my vacation on it and won’t get to go anywhere cool. Oh well, screw it, not like I’ve had a real vacation since 1998. I didn’t win the Powerball either. That’s a bunch of crap–we all know I should be the one to win, not the usual type of winner who is usually from West Virginia or an illegal alien (they should have to forfeit it if that’s the case) or some 90 year old person. Let ME win. I will put it to good use… and NO, you will not EVER hear ME say something stupid like: “Ahm’s is gonna keep on drivin’ a truck!” Uh, no. I would be done w/ that for good. In fact, I believe I would fly to Amsterdam to celebrate by legally smoking the demon Marijuana… something I’ve not been able to really do for WAY too many years. Oh well. Some day. I sure wish Cali would have legalized it, that would have sure helped balance their budget AND maybe made it happen around the country. We won’t discuß it here right now, I am tired and not in the mood. Just rambling.

Damn people are rude these days. Ever notice that? Look on yahoo’s discussion forums after EVERY news article and crap, there are some nasty SCUMBAGS there. And on both sides. The liberal f*cktards ranting about George Bush and the right wing zealots going on (and ON and ON) about Obama. Screw them all–I am tired of this. Can’t WE, as a NATION just frigging stop this shit? No wonder we’re going down the godsdamned toilet. I’ll stop here too. It’s just kinda fun to be blogging on the computer, vs. the damned phone which is slow and hard to type on.


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Is hope lost?


Is hope lost? I don’t know. Sometimes I think it is. I see our modern world collapsing, yet I wonder if it is always that way; as you get older, yearning for the past. I don’t yearn for the past per-se, but I just look at it and think it was easier 15, even 10 years ago, with more hope (and even a confidence) that things were going to get better.

Today, I, like most Americans, feel our government has, well if not betrayed us, then failed to do their job, and through their failure (and perhaps a bit of criminal incompetence thrown in there), dug us into a hole of poverty and a decreasing standard of living that I see no relief from.

What can WE as a nation do? I don’t know. I don’t think the left “gets it” yet. Hey, you on the left, it ain’t a blank check in an unlimited account… Somehow we gotta pay for your grand ideas. Now, don’t get me labeled, as I think the Republicans are being just as stupid in their race to slash the budget. Sorry guys, but some social programs NEED to be there. And what happens to people when the unemployment runs out?? It’s all well and good to tell people to “go work at McDonald’s!” (my brother is famous at this) but hey, even McDonald’s isn’t hiring everyone, even WalMart isn’t and… Wally World is now trying to screw all their workers by MAKING most of them go part-time… Nice huh?! Now, why aren’t they cutting their management, of which I am told, they have an abundance.

Anyway, we need jobs here, not in China. Maybe more tariffs ARE the answer. Maybe a REALLY large tax on those companies that “outsource” jobs overseas–make it UNprofitable to do that kind of ignorant shit. WHY wouldn’t people support that? Well, they want cheap stuff of course. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

So, for right now, I’m gonna have to say hope is lost. The dream is dead. :’-0 Hey, why not comment on me blog and tell me WHY I am wrong and WHY I suck… :-Þ