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Just a Sunday


green_and_blueWhat’s new? Noting, really. A unit NCO Skype meeting later. Me reading through the old entries in this blog… some really amuse me. Ha. Things that happened years ago.

Anyway, woke up early. Was supposed to snow some, but didn’t (yay). I don’t know if I feel like talking about politics today. Or a lot of things.

I do know I have hope of getting my pick up back soon. Hey, it went to Ohio July 1. I do know it has the 5 speed in it and drive train hooked up. Mech was going to button up the dash and test drive. I hope it all works. WHY, you ask, did I want to change to a manual trans? Well, a couple years ago, I had the auto rebuilt by a guy in Orbisonia–the BEST GUY IN THE WHOLE AREA all the people I new said. Well, that turned out to be crap. Johnnie, that was his name, had a shop. Anyway, ol’ Johnnie had my truck from August to mid-October and lo, while he rebuilt it, after 21k miles, it took a shit. When I called him, he aid, “Well… it’s out of warranty, I’d like ta help ya but I’m not gonna eat it.” Then, whenever I tried calling this jackass, he was never there. They are going to do an autopsy on that trans soon. Anyway,  just don’t want to deal w/ it. It’s not like a old Turbo 350 that would go for YEARS without problems. My old trans was a 4L60E transmission and those, I have read, have a lot of problems. Anyway, m friend Alan found me a 3/4 ton w/ a 5 speed and we got all the stuff for it. It’s been a bit of a bear getting done. Hope it will be done soon. Need it to splash and tow the boat–I think the jeep isn’t enough. Certainly, I can’t get it into the water w/ out the rear doors going under water.

Onward. MTA is coming up soon. Don’t know what will happen because people who say they want to come can’t be bothered to get their stuff back. Ugh.

Work. Computers having problems. Crashing, then messing up logs for driver side of the system. Hope the can fix it.

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Healthcare woes


hulkpainSo, Wednesday morning, I got a shock. Talking to the office manager, I find that not only is my healthcare going WAY up (another $300 a month), but that I was supposed to choose 2 days before what I was going to do but I never got the paper or knew. Ugh. Immediate chest pains and stomach. Ugh. $1750 a month?! That’s like $21,000 a year?!? WTF? I can’t afford that. I was already in serious trouble since last year’s increase of $300. a month. Aaiiiheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, FUCK!

reliefWhen I got home and had time to breathe, I called my car insurance place and wonderful Jennifer there gave me a number to call. Turns out I can get a “silver plan” which is ca. $409. for both the wife and I. Co-pays are less, except for specialists, but the deductible is more, about $3k, but I’m sorry, I cannot pay what they want on the old plan–how can anyone?

As it is, the “Health and welfare” portion of my check, ca. $860. or so a month, well, I can’t use that–only for the company insurance. See, due to the evil machinations of a company I used to work for (no, not the Bad Horsey), most mail contractors don’t pay you the health and welfare money anymore, so as to save on their payroll tax. So, I can’t actually USE the money meant for m insurance unless I buy the company insurance which costs over 4 times what the one I got on the market cost??! 😮 What they do, is put that money in a 401k account. Joy. Hell, the last company, Bad Horsey, well all of it went into the 401k and in the end, he shafted me out of about $20k. Nice huh? A friend too. Wonderful guy who is going to go to jail to learn the lesson that theft and misuse of pension funds is a felony. The government (who is prosecuting him) say he owes our pension plan like $1.8 MILLION dollars–I’ll never see any of it. Anyway, so… with this way, I will have $860 or so in my 401lk each month, still have decent insurance and get a little more in my check each payday (still keeping me poor, but not NEARLY as poor as if I had kept w/ the other insurance). Wow, perhaps I will get to retire someday… I doubt it, but maybe.

Don’t get me wrong, the company insurance wasn’t bad, just expensive… but… I certainly wasn’t thrilled to find out that I had been paying $100 a month more to be out of state either. It had a $1700. deductible.


What I want

Many of my friends call me a “socialist” or some shit because I want single payer health care. Sorry, I believe health care is a basic right. Sorry Fritz, I do. Anyway, the system that we had before was pretty sucky and while the intent was good, the application of Obamacare made things INFINITELY WORSE! “Why can’t we go back? say some. Because, with the advent of Obamacare, the genie is out of the bottle, not to be put back in. M brother Jim thins perhaps it was planned this way to force single-payer. Maybe, I don’t know. I do know that yes, we will pay more taxes for it, but then I won’t be paying nearly the rapacious amount health insurance costs. Organized thievery with no real concern for health.

Many, including Fritzel and my friend Tim, think the government cannot be trusted to run it. Perhaps. But I see no real solution.

Life Goes On

Hopefully, this will help get things back on track with me. I am also working to re-fi the house. It would be done by now, but hit a snag. When I was unemployed due to the shithead ex-owner of Bad Horsey (see how I don’t mention any real names in here…), I got behind on my mortgage and had to get it modified. Somehow, and I don’t remember this at all, they put the difference in a second to be paid off when I sell. It’s taking some time to do, I think it’s called, a subordination. It will be worth it though, as it will lower the mortgage–not as much as I want, but even a little over $100 a month will help.

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All hands, prepare to get underway


Well, it looks like it’s time to get the SMS Rudolf Weiß hove short in the Arbeits suchen.

Resume department reports full head of steam, ready to answer helm commands. App department up and working. Set condition ZEBRA throughout the ship.

Am Ende ist der Sieg!

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It’s been one of those days. Basically started with angus dying this morning. Talked a lot to my brother… I believe I WILL get my concealed-carry. Was at Gander Mountain looking at pistoles. Yes, I have some, but not really for this. I think I found one, a Smith & Wesson in .40 cal. Single stack. Fit well. We’ll see.

Stopped by Ft. Chambers Gun shop; Man! Some nice new models and some nice originals too. A truly GREAT place and some great deals. Nice people to deal with.

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RIP Angus Blue 6.12.2003—11.18.2015


angus1Angus passed this morning. I was hoping that the course of meds for his Lyme would make him better, but something happened. He had a seizure or a stroke.  He was pacing around and panting all night. I was up w/ him most of the night and I fell sleep around 6 and at 8:30, when I woke up, he was gone.

It’s sad, Angus was a good dog–he loved everyone and was a pretty mellow dog. I’m going ot miss him a lot more than I would any person.

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Richmond today


Soon to warp out of here today to go to Richmond and see if I can get some more people who have fallen off the wagon, back to using the computer. Also, a couple are having severe problems. We have a number, most of which seem to be install issues. Oh well, packing up me laptop and all. Putting on my mental armor to deal with a couple of people who are way negative. Sad. Determined to get this fixed.

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A GREAT place to do business!

Photo of transom lettering on Hotspur

Awesome transom lettering by

I don’t often rave, but in this case, I will! I had this business, make some transom lettering for Hotspur and I HAVE to recommend it to my friends and readers. I am so happy, in fact, that I am going to be ordering new registration numbers for her; the old ones having faded and now look bad. Anyway, here, again is the transom lettering for my boat… Damn good job, GREAT PRICE and really easy to apply! You cannot go wrong here.

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Poor Angus!


He was having a lot of trouble walking and some other issues. When we got to the vet’s Dr. Ludwig diagnosed him with Lyme disease. He’s now on a 28 day course and then after that, will get vaccinated for it. Got some pain pills and also a shot. He’s already on glucosamine for his joints. I think he’s feeling better–might just be the shot.

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A nice day!


Beautiful!! Took Zoey for a walk around the neighborhood. Only had one dog start to come out. Went around the lower retention pond and noticed some inbreds had been driving down there. Gotta love it. Anyway, Zoey seemd to like it, finding duck/goose crap to eat a couple times before I could stop her. Joy.

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Today, we are all Parisians.

Today, we are all Parisians.

Scores killed in Paris terror attacks at six separate sites

That headline says it all. These cowardly sand monkeys. I hope the French feed their corpses to pigs. We should do this to ALL terrorists. All isis… Feed them to pigs so they won’t get to “paradise.”

I am sorry, but how can ANYONE condone this kind of thing? It is a sickness that must be eradicated. And those who support them or sympathize with these scum should also be punished. The Romans didn’t have such things because they had no tolerance for such shit. We should do like Crassus did and crucify or impale each terrorist caught and then feed their remains to pigs. I will say it again we should do this to EACH terrorist and this will stop.

The Soviets knew how to stop this shit and I’m guessing Putin remembers it. Read this article from 1986″

Hostages? No Problem Soviets Offer ‘How-to’ Lesson In Kidnapping

Posted: January 15, 1986

Are you among those frustrated Americans who have wondered how the Soviet Union’s only hostage crisis in Lebanon was resolved in just a month, while the plight of the six U.S. hostages held there continues to drag on without any break in sight?

Well, according to the Jerusalem Post, the Soviets turned the trick by forgoing diplomacy in favor of a brutally more direct approach to the problem. Simply put, they presented the kidnappers with chilling proof that terror can cut both ways. Literally!

The crisis began last Sept. 30, you might recall, when four attaches from the Soviet Embassy were kidnapped in Beirut by Muslim extremists. Western news agencies received individual photos of the four men that same night, each with an automatic pistol pressed against his head.

The photos were accompanied by a note from a hitherto unknown group calling itself the Islamic Liberation Organization. The message warned that the four Soviet captives would be executed, one by one, unless Moscow pressured pro- Syrian militiamen to cease shelling positions held by the pro-Iranian fundamentalist militia in Lebanon’s northern port city of Tripoli.

Although the Soviets attempted to open some channel for negotiations with the kidnappers, there was no immediate let-up in the shelling at Tripoli. Only two days after the kidnappings, the body of one of the four kidnapped men, a 30-year-old consular secretary named Arkady Katov, was found, shot through the head, on a Beirut trash dump. Apparently, that’s when the Soviets dropped the idea of sweet talk and turned the matter over to the KGB.

Less than four weeks later, the three remaining hostages were freed on foot only 150 yards from the Soviet Embassy. The pro-Syrian daily Al Sharq credited their release to the clandestine efforts of Brig. Gen. Ghazi Kanaan, the chief of intelligence for Syrian forces in Lebanon. Western journalists reported that the kidnappers were forced to free the hostages because a block-to-block search by pro-Syrian militiamen was closing in on them. But it wasn’t until last week that Jerusalem Post diplomatic correspondent Benny Morris uncovered the most compelling reason why the three Soviets were released, emaciated and tired, but otherwise unharmed.

According to Morris, the KBG determined the kidnapping to be the work of the Shiite Muslim group known as Hezbollah, or Party of God. This was the same radical pro-Iranian faction that figured so belligerently in the mass hostage-taking from the TWA airliner at Beirut Airport last June. Unlike the approach the United States used to resolve the TWA crisis, however, the Soviets did not bother negotiating with Hezbollah through Nabih Berri, Lebanon’s justice minister and leader of the Shiite Amal militia. Instead, the KGB kidnapped a man they knew to be a close relative of a prominent Hezbollah leader. They then castrated him and sent the severed organs to the Hezbollah official, before dispatching the unfortunate kinsman with a bullet in the brain. In addition to presenting him with this grisly proof of their seriousness, the KGB operatives also advised the Hezbollah leader that they knew the identities of other close relatives of his, and that he could expect more such packages if the three Soviet diplomats were not freed immediately.

The message was a lot more extreme than Ronald Reagan’s vague allusions to using “Rambo next time,” but the swift release of the three remaining hostages indicated that the Hezbollah big shot couldn’t handle having terror shoved back in his face.

Post reporter Morris quoted unidentified observers in Jerusalem as noting: “This is the way the Soviets operate. They do things – they don’t talk. “And this is the language the Hezbollah understand.”

And it will still work today. This is the ONLY language these scum understand. And yes, liberals will say I’m extreme… I’m not.